Digitalpix proposes and encourages the activation of Agreements with organized groups of users; typically it is aimed at members of associations of all kinds, or to employees of companies or organizations. Belonging to a agreement allows obtaining of a discount on the list value, for products on which no promotions are active at the time of purchase.
The favorable conditions deriving from belonging to an agreement are offered for the purpose of generate a return in terms of volume of purchases of services and products at Digitalpix, which will verify the movements generated by the subscribers of each agreement. This allows you to activate a reward mechanism towards them, upon reaching predetermined targets.

The duly signed agreement must reach the Digitalpix Customer Service, and the agreement is immediately activated; an Agreement Code is released, valid for all members and each user is recognized by one of the three methods shown here:
  1. Digitalpix sends an adequate number of personal identification codes (PIN) to be distributed to members; each member at the act of the registration (or even later) enters the code to adhere to the agreement.
  2. The Affiliated Association sends Digitalpix a list of personal codes for identification (serial number, cards, identifiers) of the members; each of them at the time of registration (or even later) enters their own code to adhere to the agreement.
  3. each member upon registration inserts a agreed personal code (serial number, identification, etc.) to join the agreement, and Digitalpix then communicates the list to the manager of the association so that he can check and notify us of any abuses, which determine the cancellation from the agreement.
The agreement must be requested by email to customer care; the applicant must be an authorized person to undertake commitments on behalf of the association represented, and the agreement containing the conditions of the agreement will be sent to him (including the agreement code, the disbursement conditions and the benefits disbursed).