Create a PhotoBook with Album Express

Creating a photobook with Album Express is simple and straightforward: follow the steps indicated to obtain and use our free program, becoming a layout artist.

1. Download and Install Album Express

Enter the section Download Area and download the latest available version of Album Express for your operating system Windows or MAC OS X. Once you have the file, run it and proceed with installing the program on your computer.

MAC OS X Download Album Express Microsoft Windows

2. Choose the photobook you want to create

From the main program screen you can open a previously created project, or create a new one using the button New Project; you will see the list of ours Photobooks and you can choose the one that best suits yours needs.

Choose the Photobook

3. Compose the Pages of your Photo Book

Compose your photo book by importing your own photos and entering texts, filters, backgrounds and models that will help you easily create a professional-grade product. The program also allows you to save the project and resume customizing it at a later time.

ADVICE: for a quick creation of your photo book, you can take advantage of the self-positioning of images within the pages, thus creating a professional design in just 5 minutes! Here's how to do it:
  • add photos to the page you want to compose without worrying about moving or resizing them;
  • press the dedicated button (figure 1) in the command bar, to the left of the central preview panel;
  • choose a positioning model from those proposed in the dedicated panel (figure 2) on the right.
fig.1 Quick Composition fig.2

4. Upload the Project to our site

Once you have finished composing all the pages you have to proceed with sending the project via the internet. To do this, simply use the menu item "File / Send by FTP to Digitalpix" and enter the credentials you use normally to access our site.

MAC OS X Upload the Project Microsoft Windows

5. Complete the Order

Once the project has finished uploading you will be able to access your online personal area and you will find the photobook you created inside of your shopping cart. You will be able to see a preview and, if the product allows it, customize the cover.