1. Download our program

2. Create your Photobook

Do you have any doubts? We have a short video tutorial for you!

On Mac OS X, a warning message may appear during installation, find out qui what to do.


Download Album Express

Do you want to customize your Photobook like a pro? Download Album Express and don't forget to watch our video tutorial.

Download our software to create beautiful photo books in seconds!

To download Album Express visit this page from your computer!

Or create with expert mode

To create your photo book quickly, we recommend that you follow our tutorial.

If you want a textual guide that goes into the details of creating a photo book, we recommend that you read the guide below.

Detailed Guide

1. Setup and installation 2. Choice of Photobook 3. Import the images 4. Create the Photobook 5. Send the Photobook

1. Setup and installation

Download Album Express from this page to your device and once the download is complete, install the program.

After installing and opening the program, update the program's internal library: to do this, go to the drop-down menu item "Help > Library update" and press the "Download" button.

Update the Album Express library
To update the library click on the "Download" button.

2. Photobook choice

Click on "New Project" to choose the photo book you prefer among classic, prestige and wedding. For more information on which photo book to choose, go back to the price list.

Choose the Photobook you prefer
Choose the Photobook you prefer.

3. Import the images

To import your images into the program you need to create a folder by clicking on the icon in the lower section of the program and, after renaming it, add the images to the newly created folder by clicking on on the lower left.

At this point, simply select your images and press "Open" to add them to Album Express.

To import images create a folder (1) and then add them from your collection (2).

4. Create the photo book

Once you have imported the images, start creating your photo book: drag the images, resize them, apply frames, add clip art or text, select the backgrounds: let your creativity run wild!

5. Send the Photobook

Once the creation is complete, send us the photo book project: to do so, simply select "File > Send via FTP to Digitalpix" from the drop-down menu at the top left and, after logging in with your credentials and viewing the preview, the photobook will start loading.

To complete the purchase, access the site and in the cart click on the "Conclude Order" button.

Send the Photobook
Send the photobook to Digitalpix via the menu