In May 2002, when the spread of broadband on the territory was still minimal and fragmented, attempting an initiative absolutely dependent on the use of the Internet must certainly have seemed a gigantic undertaking.

Despite this, a team of experts made up of computer scientists passionate about digital photography and photographic industry professionals decided to invest heavily in the creation of a company that had as its objective the printing of photographs with high quality technologies, starting only from digital sources.

The service would have been offered only through the web, and therefore also the prices offered to the public necessarily had to be very affordable.

The entrepreneurial foresight of the founders has determined a considerable advantage over the majority of competitors, which today realizes in a position among the leaders of the market.

Pursuing a path of versatility of the production line, the adoption of minilab technologies was preferred; continuous investments made it possible to maintain an adequate production capacity.

With the evolution of demand, to follow and often to anticipate trends, new items have been added to complete the offer, and so now in the price list there are a whole series of printed gadgets and above all photobooks and large format prints, the latter based on the use of plotters and both paper and canvas supports.