Create Your Personalized Photo Book Now!

Warning! Both the editor and the software are currently only available in Italian! Use our new creation mode to compose your photo book in minutes, you can also customize your photobook page by page to make creating an easy and fun experience!

Now creating a photobook with Digitalpix is easy and fun!

Thanks to our new editor, making photo books becomes easier! Follow the instructions to create your photo book in a few simple steps.

Additional Information

Do you need more time to create your photo book? Do not worry! You can save the project and resume later, the projects will be saved for a total of 30 days and you can view and manage them in your personal area. Remember that once the photo book has been composed and added to the cart it will have adeadline of 24 hours after which it will no longer be possible to purchase it. You can still recover the project by saving it and recreating the product later.