About Us

Digitalpix is a professional photographic laboratory made up of a young, trained and dynamic team. We print your favorite moments and turn them into memories to touch . We believe that every moment matters, whether it's capturing your child's first steps or the beach vacation you enjoyed so much.

Premium Quality

As a leader in the photo development industry, we've set out on a journey to help you create premium quality custom products that will stand the test of time. Our color experts make sure every photograph is printed in exceptional color , while the production team carefully prints, creates and packages the products you love most, to receive them in a few hours directly at your home .

With you since 2002

Each Photographic Print, Picture, Calendar and Photo Book, as well as all our customized products, are made with love and experience entirely in Italy, in the heart of Valtellina. Digitalpix was born in May 2002, distinguishing itself as the first online photo printing site in Italy and for about twenty years it has been handing down all the expertise gained and appreciated by over 200,000 registered unique users.

Your precious moments deserve more than being forgotten as files on your phone or pc. Create something wonderful today, choose a product and upload your photos.

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